Amalfi Honeymoon Day 3 and 4

Day 3. 9/16. Friday [No journal entries recorded] We went to the Certosa di San Giacomo. We went to the Carthusia perfume shop and I bought a bottle of perfume. We went on a boat trip around the island, and in and out of small caves. The Blue grotto was closed again due to high surf. We went on a walk down to a viewpoint that overlooks the Faraglioni. We fell in love with an adorable grey and white kitten who posed for us in front of the view. We petted her for a long time, and as we left, she followed us, breaking my heart! I wanted to take her home with us, somehow, but knew that I couldn’t. Our luggage didn’t show up, and I remember dreading having to put on the same outfit for the third day… And the pensione owner commented on the inappropriateness of my “winter attire,” brown pants in a light corduroy and a black t-shirt, worn so that I would stay warm on the plane.

honeymoon (560)
Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri
honeymoon (558)
Certosa di San Giacomo, Capri
honeymoon (556)
Exterior, Certosa di San Giacomo
honeymoon (552)for website
Caprese Kitty! Oh I wanted to TAKE HER HOME!
honeymoon (68)
She was so sweet!!!
honeymoon (549)
Kitty following us! She wanted me to take her with us!
honeymoon (547)
More stunning views. Capri.
honeymoon (545)
Carthusia perfume shop.
honeymoon (64)
“Laser event coming.” Marc thought this was so funny…
honeymoon (532)
Capri boat tour. The water is so blue!
honeymoon (520)
View of Capri town from the boat.
honeymoon (519)
The line up of boats waiting to access the caves, Capri boat tour.
honeymoon (501)
Another view of Capri. You can see the red funicular…
honeymoon (63)
Kitty kitty! Uno gatto, Capri.

Day 4. Saturday

Last day in Capri. No bags at 1:00 pm. Or 2:00 pm. Went to get water at shop. “Ciao” to girl at shop; we’re already regulars. Left shop and noticed “luggage bus” at the bus station. We drank water and watched them unpack, sitting on the curb. It took 5 Italian men about 15 min to unload and organize a pick-up sized load of luggage… There was ours!!! We were ecstatic!!

Took a ferry to Sorrento, eating tramezzini from the shop. In Sorrento, we bought a phone card and bus tickets. We called Anna and were told to take the SITA bus from the bus station. Transacting all my business in Italian. How to get to the station? We sat there trying to figure it out from our crappy Fodors guide… Saw a bus with “Stazione.” Took that to the stazione. Found a SITA bus with “Positano.” Checked schedule, found Praiano as a stop. Guessed that was correct. We used the same ticket on the Positano bus. The road made us BOTH carsick. Buses honk ’round every turn. It began to pour down rain but it felt like coming home. We saw a woman dart across the street in front of the bus. The driver stopped and opened the door. “Do you have two American tourists…” she asked in Italian. I got up and she asked “Are you for Villa Amore”? Si, si! The steps to the apartment are right across from the bus stop. We put our bags in the luggage lift and then took the 150 steps to the apartment.

honeymoon (496)
Pouring-down rain on the bus to Praiano
honeymoon (23)
Dawn exploring our apartment. The balcony ran the entire length of the apt!
honeymoon (475)
The rain was falling from the clouds in sheets!
honeymoon (13)
Our adorable kitchen. Villa Amore apartment.
honeymoon (479)
Pretty rounded arches. Villa Amore apartment.
honeymoon (482)
Sea view from our bedroom!
honeymoon (12)
Sitting area, Villa Amore apartment.
honeymoon (489)
Our groceries were delivered!
honeymoon (491)
Stunning views of the town of Praiano from our apt. The church is lit up!
honeymoon (495)
Our “plunge pool” was great on the hotter days.

Anna showed us everything and went over the bus schedules. Brochures on everything in the area. She offered to order groceries for us, which would be delivered. Told us to call once we had a list. She came down (her apartment is above ours) and we went over the list, then she called it in. In 1 hour we had our food! Pesto, vino, tomatoes, bread, mozzarella, orange juice, and eggs. We ate dinner by candlelight. We were totally in awe of the apartment and the views and Anna’s hospitality. Went to bed after watching Italian television shows.
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