Amalfi Honeymoon, Day 8

Day 8. Wednesday. Pompeii. Took SITA bus to Sorrento. The bus was full, we had to stand in the aisle. The bus goes right to the Stazione. We had read that there is only one expensive restaurant/snack bar in Pompeii, so we bought sandwiches and soda. Then when we got there, there were many people selling water and food for cheaper than we’d paid… The train took about 30 min. I made an astonishingly poor decision to wear my Dansko sandals today. My feet hurt after about two hours. Pompeii was okay… Lots of stuff was closed. The audioguides were just okay. By the time we got to the amphitheater it was 5:30, we had been there almost 5 hours. We walked all the way back to the entrance to turn in the audioguides and didn’t have the energy to go to a cool church nearby.

We took the train back to Sorrento. We had no food, but didn’t want to take the bus all the way back to Praiano for groceries from Angela. We decided to see if Sorrento had a market. We walked 6 blocks from the Stazione and ran right into a supermercato! I felt like I was cheating on Angela as I bought:

  •  bread
  • pesto
  • toretllini
  • eggs, juice, croissanta
  • a crapload of beer

Back to the bus stop and a huge crowd of people waiting for it. The bus came and we were the last two on. A family of four was in front of us but the driver yelled, “Due!” Two only. We just got on and had to stand in the aisle with our groceries. As the bus took us home there was an amazing sunset. I put my face on Marc’s shoulder and thought what an amazing trip we were having.

It was dark when we got home and it was hard to see our stop. We had a huge meal and finished off the salad.

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