France Day 1

June 18

Our flight to London was uneventful. We arrived 30 min early, breezed through customs and security, and find ourselves in terminal 5 with 3+ hours to wait for our flight to Paris. I’d been advised on a travel message board that we would never make such a “short” connection, and had urged my in-laws to only take a carry-on sized suitcase so we wouldn’t have to pick up our bags at baggage claim after our flight. They look a bit bewildered at our long layover time and I don’t blame them! I wish I’d been able to take a bigger suitcase too. But better safe than sorry though!

D&M0622 005
Getting rid of the pre-flight jitters with a drink!
D&M0622 007
We’re already going crazy with the photographs!
D&M0622 006
Je t’aime Pret a Manger!

The 2nd flight ends up being delayed ½ hour. We eat at “Pret a Manger,” I have a roasted pepper and falafel wrap and a hummus salad later. We arrive in Paris at 11:00 pm. We are renting an apartment and I’m supposed to call the owner when we arrive, but the pay phone won’t take our credit cards. Luckily a women at the info desk lets us use her land line. We call Bertrand, the owner of the apt, and are on our way.

Our cab driver has to navigate a narrow street to bring us to the door of our apartment. There are a couple of homeless people sleeping in the street, and I’m terrified of what Lisa must be thinking. We use the code to get in the door and Bertrand meets us in the lobby. The apt is lovely, as nice as it looked online. He goes over the wi-fi and the washing machine with us. I am very happy with the apt, it had been difficult to find an affordable 2 bed, 2 bath apartment. We fall asleep, exhausted. I wake up once at 4:00 am and then fall back asleep and wake up again at 9:30.

D&M0622 013
Our bathroom, Paris apartment.
D&M0622 009
Our bedroom.
D&M0622 012
Earl and Lisa’s giant soaking tub!
D&M0622 011
Double sinks. Impressive!
D&M0622 010
The view from our bedroom is of the Centre Pompidou Library!!
D&M0622 014
“Relaxing” living room
D&M0622 015
The Modern kitchen

June 19

Lisa and I head out to find some petit dejeuner. We find a small supermarket down the street and buy eggs, juice, soy milk, cereal, tea and jam. We also go to a patisserie and buy fresh croissants at 0.80 euro each. . It’s 11:00 when we get back so we eat croissants only and head out to the Pont Neuf to go on a Seine cruise. The weather is overcast with occasional sunbreaks.

D&M0622 017
Earl and Lisa in PARIS!
D&M0622 027
View of Notre Dame along the Seine river cruise
D&M0622 026
Seine river cruise
D&M0622 021
La Tour Eiffel. WE’RE IN PARIS BABY!!
D&M0622 018
Parisian school kids on a school field trip, perhaps? Lucky ducks.
D&M0622 030
Earl and Lisa on the Seine river cruise

After the cruise we find a place for lunch. We head up La Rue Dauphine and find a placed called Cafe Dauphine. I have quiche aux oignons and a small salad which are very good. Despite taking airborne the day before, I feel like I’m coming down with a cold and bum some aspirin off Lisa.

D&M0622 034
Earl’s weird salad of duck parts
D&M0622 031
Quiche aux oignons
D&M0622 032
Goat cheese salad–delish!
D&M0622 033
Lisa at Cafe Dauphine
D&M0622 066
Cool sign on the way to the restaurant!

After lunch we walk to Notre Dame and go in the church. Major restoration is going on on the outside doors. I feel lousy and my head throbs. After Notre Dame we head to the Arc de Tiomphe and it begins to pour down rain. We decide to head back to the apt, feeling tired and jet-lagged. Marc and I pick up a mini berry tart and a gateau fraise and have it with camomile tea at the apt. Then we nap until 8:00.

D&M0622 067
Oh Paris! Your pastries are so good.
D&M0622 057
A somber, but gorgeous interior. Notre Dame.
D&M0622 064
The alter seems very modern in design
D&M0622 065
Earl and Lisa, Arc de Triomphe
D&M0622 055
Interior, Notre Dame
D&M0622 051
Replica of Notre Dame, in Notre Dame
D&M0622 050
Interesting panels, interior of church
D&M0622 043
I just love the third guy over…
D&M0622 036
Earl and Lisa at Notre Dame
D&M0622 040
For some reason this photo amuses me…
D&M0622 042
Outer main doors, Notre Dame

For dinner we go to a restaurant close to the apt that we saw earlier with a 3-course prix fixe menu for 17 euros. I order the warm goat cheese salad, chicken in mushroom sauce and chocolate mousee for dessert. The chicken is bland and under-seasoned. I suggest we only go to restaurants recommended in the guidebook from now on. Back at the apt we watch the news on the BBC and go to bed late at midnight.

Go on the next part of the journey!

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