France Day 2

We all sleep in until 10:00. Breakfast is prosciutto and eggs and orange juice. We took the Metro to the Orsay and agree to split up and meet in 1 hour. After an hour, we agree that we need much more time. We have lunch in the Orsay cafe. A ham and cheese salad, a sandwich, a raspberry tarte and a pepsi cost 18 euros.

D&M0622 073
Earl and Lisa in the Metro
D&M0622 082
Earl and Lisa on the way to the d’Orsay

I took tons of pics at the Musee d’Orsay, so here they are in a gallery.

After more time at the Orsay, hubby and I head to the Louvre and Earl and Lisa head to the Orangerie. I cannot talk my in-laws into visiting the Louvre. On the way to the Louvre, we stop at the Jardins des Tuilleries. There are a lot of people out and about, and kids sailing boats in the fountain.

D&M0622 184
Marc at Les Jardins des Tuilleries
D&M0622 182
Sailing boats in the fountain
D&M0622 180
Fountain at the Jardins des Tuilleries

Hubby and I spend about 4 hours there. The audioguide sucks. It only covers the “major” works of art. After about 3 hours, we are hungry again. We visit the food court and check to see if the same “Mexican” restaurant that was there 3 years ago is still there. It is, and the taco salad is still really really good. We also note, with horror, that there is a Starbucks in the Louvre now.

D&M0622 200
Interior, Louvre
D&M0622 198
View from inside the Louvre
D&M0622 193
Marc listens to the audioguide. Egyptian section.
D&M0622 194
D&M0622 196
Another view from inside
D&M0622 197
Turkish bathers by Ingres, one of my favorite painters
D&M0622 190
La Louvre
D&M0622 189
Leaving La Louvre

We get back to the apt. where Earl and Lisa have purchased baguettes and jambon to make sandwiches for dinner. I take a stroll around the neighborhood, then we watch BBC news. We decide to hit the Opera Garnier first thing in the morning for a tour that starts at 10 am.

D&M0622 208
Dawn contemplates the view
D&M0622 209
More contemplation
D&M0622 225
View from our apartment at dusk
D&M0622 202
Our precious view of La Tour Eiffel!

Go on the next part of the journey!

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