France Day 6

Today we spent a leisurely day at Honfleur. The only thing on our itinerary was relaxation. We woke up late (9:30) and had our breakfast at the café next door to the B&B. B-fast consisted of cappuccino, orange juice, pain, crepes, and homemade apricot confit. Everything was absolutely delicious and I found myself wondering how the French can eat so many empty calories and stay so thin.

D&M0622 590

D&M0622 589

D&M0622 588

After breakfast, we went into the Eglise St. Catherine.

D&M0622 596
These “cats” are all over the rooftops. I love it!
D&M0622 595
Eglise St. Catherine
D&M0622 592
Neat old Rolls we stumbled on

Then we made our way down to the harbor, stopping to peruse many of the adorable little shops along the way.

D&M0622 604
Window shopping and strolling through Honfleur
D&M0622 602
Ohhhhhhh! I want one of each!!
D&M0622 601
More delicious pastries including macarons on a stick!
D&M0622 600
The local butcher shop. Don’t see these anymore in the US!
D&M0622 599
Earl & Lisa, downtown Honfleur

At the harbor, we decided to have boissons at a restaurant. It was about noon, and the waiter seemed irritated when we indicated we only wanted drinks. When I asked for a carafe d’eau in addition to our apple ciders, he said only bottles were available.

D&M0622 607
Having cider in Honfleur

After drinks, we went to check on the boat excursions recommended in the Rick Steves guide. The next one wasn’t until 2:30, so we decided to have lunch at one of the harbor-side restaurants. Everyone had salads, mine was with shrimp and avocado, and I had a side order of haricot verts. Lunch was 20 euros for two of us, with no drinks.

D&M0622 611
Yummy shrimp and avocado salad
D&M0622 610
Marc’s lunch
D&M0622 609
Earl & Lisa

After lunch, we decided to go back to the B&B for naps. After naps, we went on the boat excursion, which was kinda boring… It went to the Pont Normandie and by the Honfleur Plage, and it had to go through the locks. It was a waste of 15 euros for the two of us.

D&M0622 616
Boat tour of Honfleur
D&M0622 615
Boat tour of Honfleur
D&M0622 613
Boat tour of Honfleur
D&M0622 612
Boat tour of Honfleur

Then we wandered to the Jardin Public, and after that, back to the B&B to find out where Liliane had made our dinner reservations.

D&M0622 624
Le Jardin Public!
D&M0622 623
Le Jardin Public!
D&M0622 622
Le Jardin Public!
D&M0622 620
Le Jardin Public!
D&M0622 618
Le Jardin Public!

Dinner was at La Grenouille, “the frog.” Along the way we stopped at a patisserie where we had seen some scrumptious looking desserts earlier. We each got something for the car trip the next day. We arrived at the restaurant 10 minutes before opening. I had the 18 euros 3 course menu, and had pate, salmon and vegetables, and chocolate mousse. The salmon was in a sauce that tasted like a balsamic vinegar reduction. It was good, but the veggies were a bit bland. Hubby had the 26 euro menu, and had saumon fume, cod in a garlic cream sauce with spinach, a trio of cheeses, and rice pudding for dessert. His fish was flaky and tender and the creamy garlic spinach was to die for. To make it a true splurge, we had a half bottle of wine with dinner. It was about 60 euros altogether and would end up being one of our best meals of the trip.

D&M0622 633
Dessert at La Grenouille
D&M0622 631
Saumon a La Granouille
D&M0622 629
I snuck a photo of our neighbor’s dinner… Wowsers!
D&M0622 628
Earl eats snails. Gross!!
D&M0622 627
Dawn’s pate
Dawn at Le Grenouille

Back at the B&B, we rang for Liliane. We were hoping to have some poire cidre, but she didn’t appear. It was 9:30 by then, so we went to bed, knowing the plan was to get up early the next day for our long drive to Avranches.

francefromearl 172
Sunset on Honfleur. We’ll miss you.

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