Hurtigruten MS Trollfjord

Here are a selection of images from the Hurtigruten’s MS Trollfjord. We had an interior cabin and found it to be just the right amount of space. The included breakfast buffet was a great value as there were so many food options. We found the cafeteria food to be excellent and a definite value compared to the restaurant food, which I am sure is excellent but was too expensive for us. The sauna, hot tub, and exercise room had amazing views of the surrounding scenery and were empty most of the time. I only had to come back to use the exercise bike once. The furnishings and public spaces are very warm and inviting. We never had a problem finding  a comfy place to sit. The library was nicely stocked with used books. The passengers seemed to be mostly Scandinavian, European, Asian with a few scattered Americans (yay!). Although we were only on the MS Trollfjord for a couple of days, we would like to return someday and do the full 12-day trip.



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