Kauai, Day 3

We wake up early again, and decide to go snorkeling on Poipu. We rent some gear from the shop across from the beach. They charge $6 per day and $20 per week, which I’ll find out later is not the best deal, but it’s right across from Poipu.

This is our first time snorkeling, and for some reason, I feel that when I get into the water there won’t be that much to see. I am in for a pleasant surprise. The variety and quantity of fish is amazing; the coral holds all sorts of anenomes and other sea creatues. It’s a great experience. Husband and I hold hands as we float, pointing out cool fish that swim by. After Poipu beach, we drive down to another small beach down the road and snorkel there.


Ready for my first snorkeling.

After snorkeling, we go back to the condo and shower. We decide to go to Puka dog for lunch. We’re both starving, we’d been in the water for a good 3 hours. It’s 1:00 pm, and the line at Puka dog is huge. We decide to eat at Poipu Burgers (right next door) instead. Husband has a hamburger, and I have a Mahi Mahi burger. It’s an excellent fish sandwich, but husband’s burger is mediocre. He also gets some sort of tropical smoothie, and our lunch is about $28 with tip.


Marc's lunch at Poipu Burgers.
The "Lava Flow."

We decide to head off to Waimea despite the lateness of the day. By the time we get to the lookout point, it’s late in the day, but the weather is good for viewing. There’s a vendor selling bags of various dried fruits, nuts, and bottled water. We buy some dried pineapple, dried apple-banana chips, and 2 bottles of water for $6.50. We consider driving further up to some of the other viewpoints, but decide to call it a day. We stop and do a short walk, but we end up not seeing nearly as much of Waimea as we should have.


Kauai's Grand Canyon.
Dawn & Marc, Waimea Canyon.
Waimea Canyon.
T-Rex footprint filled in with rain water.
Waimea Canyon.

We drive back to the condo. I make the wild salmon we’d picked up the night before. Keeping in mind that I hadn’t put enough seasoning on the swordfish the night before, I dump a ton of seasoning salt on the salmon. It’s about halfway done when I think, Gee, maybe I shouldn’t have put so much seasoning salt on that… We decide to eat out the next night. We watch the next two episodes of Lost, then go to bed.

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