Kauai, Day 6.

For breakfast, we decide to have the macadamia nut pancakes that we saw on the menu when we were at Poipu Burgers… They are fabulous. Over b-fast, we discuss the itinerary. The only thing on our agenda today is the river cruise to the Fern Grotto. I call the McBryde/Allerton gardens, and finally, they are open. On the way, we stop at the Ninini Lighthouse. It’s a lot closer to the ocean than the Kilauea Point lighthouse, and it’s a prettier lighthouse, but the grounds here aren’t as lovely as they were at Kilauea Point.


Mac nut pancakes.
Waterfalls, can't remember the name.........
Ninini Lighthouse.
Marc near Ninini Lighthouse.

At the gardens, we discover that there is a hefty charge for both gardens, $25 for McBryde and $35 for Allerton, per person. We decide that I will tour the McBryde gardens by myself, and Marc will go off by himself for an hour and a half. We’re not used to separating during vacations, and for some reason, it seems a bit weird. The McBryde garden is lovely, but signage is minimal. The hour that I have isn’t enough to do all the self-guided tours, but I catch the tram back to the main grounds and husband picks me up. He had gone off beach-combing, and had stumbled across a monk seal along a secluded section of beach.

McBryde Allerton gardens. View of the ocean.
Giant tree at McBryde Allerton Gardens.
Philodendron giganteum.
Pritchardia affinis.
Fruit of Pritchardia affinis.
This "leaf" is as long as I am.
Another amazing view of the grounds.

Our next priority is lunch. We head to the Savage Shrimp van, and share a plate of rice, jumbo shrimp, coleslaw and sauce for $11 with a diet coke. It’s delicious. It’s a lot of food, enough for 2 people, and it’s one of our cheapest lunches of the trip.

Best shrimp tacos from a taco truck!

After lunch we head to the Fern Grotto cruise. It’s $40 for the both of us, and afterwards, I feel that I could have gone without experiencing it and not have missed much.

I love this look he has on his face. Fern Grotto cruise.
Marc at the Fern Grotto.
Singers at the Fern Grotto.
Dawn & Marc, Fern Grotto.

We decide to head back to Poipu. We’re hungry so we go by Puka Dog for an early dinner. This time I try the coconut relish, which is way too sweet and not nearly as good as the mango.We go back to the condo and read on the lanai. Then we pack, have some pineapple for “dinner,” watch a little TV and head to bed.

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