You’ve Got Mail Mini Envelopes Quilt

I saw this pattern and new I had to make this quilt! I realized that it would be the perfect quilt to make as a gift for a penpal. There are a few different patterns for the same idea, and I almost went with Carolyn Friedlander’s version, but then I decided to order the “You’ve Got Mail” block through I surreptitiously emailed my penpal to get an idea of colors that she likes, and was thrilled that she said blues and greens as those are also my favorite colors and I have tons of blues and greens in my stash. I knew I wanted a “handwriting” fabric for the middle of the envelopes, and was able to find some at Sewing Party–a modern fabric store located near me. I was set!

you've got mail envelope envelopes quilt block
My first block!

You’ll notice on the first few blocks that I chose to make the area surrounding the top part of the envelope a different color, and luckily I decided with the rest of the blocks not to do this… I was worried there wouldn’t be enough color variation if each block was only 3 fabrics, but I would learn that this was not something to worry about! 🙂 Also, the paper piecing went very easily as I have taken the Craftsy Foundations of Paper Piecing class and I had no problems with this pattern. In fact, I really like it because the blocks are mostly rectangular so it’s easy to cut them and feel like you’re not wasting a lot of fabric.

you've got mail envelope envelopes quilt block
Initial blocks.

I sought the help of my quilt guild for the final arrangement of the mini quilt. I felt it needed some “oompfh” and had the idea to fussy cut a different fabric for the center block. I brought all the fabrics to my guild’s sew-in and they came up with the awesome suggestion to use this as the center block.

you've got mail envelope envelopes quilt block
My guild members came up with this layout
you've got mail envelope envelopes quilt block
The finished center block

Because this was a gift, I had Cosmic Quilting quilt it for me and she did a SPECTACULAR JOB!! I was in love with the finished project and it even won 3rd place in my guild’s Mini Quilt Challenge!! I was so honored to win 3rd place!

you've got mail envelope envelopes quilt block
The finished mini quilted by Cosmic Quilting Laguna Hills

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